To position Melbourne as the open, vibrant, energetic and thriving major events capital of Australia.

The Australian Open is a global event that captures the attention of Australians and takes over the city. Visit Victoria were looking to showcase the beauty of Melbourne and Victoria in summer, and signal the start of Melbourne’s brimming events calendar.

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To ride the positive sentiment and optimism of Nine's Summer of Tennis, a wonderful cultural moment, and bring the distinct feelings of Melbourne back to life.

In a cross-platform sponsorship, Visit Victoria invited Australians to 'Get Set to Play On' in Melbourne. Serving up the best local experiences across a full suite of Nine assets, in new and innovative ways.


Visit Victoria owned the AO coverage from every angle to inspire Australians to live life for now.

Including ownership of Court 9, featuring 'Get Set to Melbourne' messaging, play ons with host reads showcasing the incredible things to see and do around Melbourne in Summer, a social series dedicated to discovering how event goers planned to play in the city and much more.



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Awareness of Visit Victoria’s Nine broadcast sponsorship saw grand slam results.

Campaign measuring around the quality of various aspects of holidaying in Victoria saw solid uplifts across the board, despite the sudden surge of COVID cases during the Australian Open.



prompted awareness


peak location consideration


quality food & world class restaurants

Source: Gemba Brand Effectiveness Study 2022 

"We were able to fully integrate our key messages and campaign assets through the full site of Nine's assets and channels to create a significant impact for Melbourne and its tourism industry in new and innovative ways. We were really pleased to see this translate into actual results for us in terms of driving enhances campaign performance.”

Shae Keenan, Chief Marketing Officer Visit Victoria

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