6PR is Perth’s only commercial news talk station – the station the city turns to for breaking news, opinions and information on what’s happening locally and around the country.

6PR is home to some of WA’s highest profile personalities: Steve Mills and Karl Langdon, Gary Adshead, Julie-anne Sprague and Oliver Peterson. Your weekends are covered with Jamie Burnett, and the 6PR Football Team brings all the colour and excitement of the AFL to fans across Perth.

Each program is packed with current affairs, news coverage as it happens, interviews with famous faces from around the world, regular topical segments, finance and sporting updates and huge giveaways.

6PR has a strong, interactive relationship with listeners – and a direct line into the moods, thoughts and opinions of the diverse Perth community.

If Perth’s talking about it, 6PR is talking about it.

Tagline / Call to Action:

Perth’s 6PR
Perth’s News Talk Leader – 6PR

Target Audience:

People 40+

URL / Destination:

6pr.com.au, 6PR app, DAB+

Brand Language:

Trustworthy, reliable, credible, influential, opinion, 24/7, conversation, local.

Colour Palette:

R:0 G:87 B:183
C:100 M:52 Y:0 K:27

R:0 G:0 B:0
C:75 M:75 Y:75 K:75



Full Colour - Primary


Mono - Primary


Full Colour - Secondary