Koala wanted to promote their brand in a unique and exciting way.

But, as a brand with no bricks-and-mortar stores, how do you do this in a way to engage prospective customers, and effectively get noticed?

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The solution revolved around an integrated task in the local production of Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Unlike a regular in-show integration, Koala didn’t just own part of the episode, they owned the entire episode. The brand became the prime focus for 60 minutes.

The celebrities were given the task of promoting Koala furniture in a playful way, while also educating customers. By incorporating the brand as a marketing challenge on the show, Koala was endorsed in a credible, seamless and ultimately entertaining way.



The celebs were tasked with decorating a pop-up display cube that featured Koala furniture within a busy shopping centre.

The episode follows them from initial planning through to activation, engaging with shoppers by getting them to jump on the bed, sit on the couch, and touch and feel the quality of Koala’s products. While keeping the shoppers engaged, the celebs were able to educate them on the features and benefits of the furniture.

Home viewers were entertained by the drama unfolding throughout the episode, and through this they also got to understand more about the brand and the product.


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"It was very playful jumping on the bed, but also you could feel the solid quality of the mattress and the bed base beneath you. I thought it was excellent and they made it a lot of fun.”

Virginia Wheway, Koala VP – Data, Analytics, and Insights


We connected with an audience at scale at home and grabbed the attention of TV viewers for a whole hour.

The pop-up marketing display was a hit. It created energy, excitement and awareness of Koala, with the product being talked about and engaged with by some of Australia’s most notable celebrities across a full 60-minute episode of a proven, prime-time television format.



Australians reached each week

average national audience


live + VOD minutes

More than 2.6 Million

live + VOD streams

Won the timeslot

for Total People and 25-54

 Source: OzTAM Metro Total TV & Regional TAM Regional FTA +WA, 23/05/21 – 15/06/21, Various Demos, Nine + Nine Content Affiliates, Consolidated 7, contains “Celebrity Apprentice”, 5 City Metro & Combined Agg. Mkts, Average Weekly Reach. OzTAM Metro Total TV & Regional TAM Regional FTA +WA, 23/05/21 – 15/06/21, Various Demos, Nine + Nine Content Affiliates, Consolidated 7, contains “Celebrity Apprentice”, excludes “Encores”, 5 City Metro & Combined Agg. Mkts, Average Audience. OzTAM Metro Total TV, 23/05/21 – 15/06/21, Various Demos, Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, Consolidated 7, 5 City Metro, contains “Celebrity Apprentice”, excludes “encore”, Series & Competition Report. OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Rolling 7 Days Cume, Celebrity Apprentice Season 1, 23/05/2021 - 22/06/2021, includes coviewing on connected tv devices

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