Engage Now

The Engage Now product is a video ad format produced by our Powered Studios that highlights a live QR code and distinctively leverages a brand’s colour IP with a 10-second call-to-action end frame. The format is created from a 15-sec or a 30-sec video TVC and appears in both 9Now live and VOD content across CTV and desktop environments.

QR codes encourage consumer interaction and engagement in new creative ways with a second screen experience. They drive brand consideration and conversions by allowing easy access for consumers to find out more or make a purchase.

Ad Specifications

The Engage Now format is custom built on a campaign by campaign basis by our Powered Studios team. The format is built using a brands 15-sec or a 30-sec video in-stream advertisement.

  1. To begin, the QR Code is delivered throughout the asset as an overlay in the bottom left hand corner.
  2. The ad squeezes back to a prominent 10-second colour-branded QR end frame as the video finishes within a half of the screen.
  3. User prompted by clearly marked CTA to scan with mobile camera. Option for Nine to generate QR code with scanning metrics.

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