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With many of us experiencing a bit more time on our hands to be inspired about ways to improve our lives, and invest time in the things we are passionate about, why not wrap your brand around upcoming lifestyle content, and integrate your next campaign within special issues of Life and Leisure, Sunday Life, and The Australian Financial Review Magazine.

Each issue will deliver its own unique way in to engage and excite readers, and hopefully influence their buying behaviours.  Find out more how you can partner with Nine's premium digital and publishing brands below.

Life & Leisure

Publishing Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th Sept  

Life & Leisure take a deep dive into where you should book over the summer holidays, as a number of new lodges and hotels come online across Australia and New Zealand. Plus, tips from the travel agents who book for the celebrities. Don't be beaten by the stay-at-home hordes!​

Booking Deadline: 31 August, 2021
Material Deadline: 31 August, 2021

Sept Travel issue

Sunday Life

Publishing 19 September 2021

Home has never been as important to us as it is right now, which is why Sunday Life is excited to bring you it's very first Home Special.

In this special, you’ll see:

  • Stunning home renovations
  • Inspiring home updates
  • Brilliant buys for every room in the house
  • Expert tips from designers and stylists
  • all you need to make your home your castle

Booking deadline: Thursday 19 August
Material Deadline:
Thursday 9 September

The Australian Financial Review

Publishing 1 October 2021

This is the issue that everyone wants to be in. Power, our flagship issue, ranks Australia’s most significant players across the political, business and cultural arenas, as well as across a host of sectors from sport and property to information technology, law and banking. It is the definitive snapshot of who really runs Australia. We also cast our analytical gaze more widely, looking at the trends sweeping the globe.

Booking Deadline: 1 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 13 September, 2021


Life & Leisure

Publishing 15 October 2021

In the vein of the world’s great travel hotlists (and to cheer up lockdown life), Life & Leisure brings you the inaugural L&L local travel hotlist: 50 reasons to keep you going into 2022 in terms of new and refreshed product to book once we’re able to move more freely – and the NZ bubble opens.

Booking Deadline: 11 October, 2021
Material Deadline: 11 October, 2021

Sunday Life

Publishing 31 October 2021

This is the most exciting time of year for Horseshoes & High heels and Sunday Life will be your definitive guide on how to make the most of the Spring Racing Carnival. Our fashion and beauty experts will provide the best styling advice to celebrate readers style.

Booking Deadline: 30 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 21 October, 2021


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