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Life & Leisure

Publishing 14 May 2021

Who tells the story of our time? Who sets the agenda for the future? Who do we look to for change and inspiration? 

Welcome to the inaugural Visionaries issue of Life & Leisure, where we explore the leaders and innovators who have shaped the modern face of luxury. From motoring and design to travel and food, fashion and beauty and more, this special gloss edition of The Australian Financial Review's weekly lifestyle supplement explores what it means - and what it takes - to be on the cutting-edge of luxury ... and it's not to be missed.

Booking Deadline: 6 April, 2021
Material Deadline: 16 April, 2021



Life & Leisure

Publishing 4 June 2021

It's the defining issue of our times, and increasingly central to the conversation in all the spheres that Life & Leisure covers from fashion to travel and technology: how to pull back from global warming and avert environmental destruction by consuming more consciously and living more sustainably. Aligning with the United Nations'  World Environment Day on Saturday June 5, our June 4-6 edition of Life & Leisure takes a deep dive into sustainability with:

     •  Travel features on new eco-conscious destinations and how to travel lightly; 
     •  A guide to green architecture and design solutions for living more sustainably;
     •  Interviews with top environmentally focused fashion designers;
     •  Jill Dupleix's pick of the best vegan dining in Australia;
     •  Tony Davis on environmental advances in the motoring industry;
     •  Max Allen on change champions in wine;
     •  John Davidson on technology for a greener world;

and so much more.

Booking Deadline: 28 May 2021
Material Deadline: 31 May 2021

The Australian Financial Review Magazine 

Publishing 25 June 2021

From profiles on the most exciting movers and shakers in restaurants, to practical tips on how to lift your own cooking game, our annual Culinary issue is one to savour. The issue features the biggest names in fine dining and fine wines. It will also include recipes from restaurants that AFR readers love, compiled and tested by Jill Dupleix. 

Anyone with a passion for entertaining at home will find everything they need in AFR Magazine's 2020 Culinary issue to take their own kitchen - and dining room - to the next level. Plus, don’t miss out on What to drink now from award-winning drinks expert, Max Allen, who will provide his annual rundown of the very best wines and spirits on offer.

Booking Deadline: 14 May 2021
Material Deadline: 28 May 2021



Good Weekend

Publishing 3 July 2021

Already dreaming about your first big trip since lockdown? Good Weekend's annual 52 Dream Destinations issue has you covered, with inspiration on places to go - either in real life or from the comfort of your armchair - in 2021. With a focus on the places Australians are likely to be able to visit this year, the issue will be jam-packed with places to adventure, options for relaxation and thought-starters on how and when to plan your next flight of fancy.


Katrina Strickland,
Editor Good Weekend

Booking Deadline: 4 June 2021
Material Deadline: 23 June 2021

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