LEGO® Masters builds brand awareness and consideration for Wonder White

Wonder White wanted to build their perception as a brand that is 'fresh', 'nutritious' and 'quality', and to grow uplift in their campaign messaging that Wonder White 'helps support active kids'. The aim of their LEGO® Masters integration was to obtain high recall of their brand message and to increase purchase consideration.


The feel-good family format and ratings phenomenon, LEGO® Masters, amplified Wonder White's message of motivating Australian kids to play. Captivating audiences, LEGO® Masters was one of the highest reaching programs in 2019 against the Grocery Shopper + Child key advertising demographic, the perfect platform for Wonder White to partner with and successfully reach millions of Australians in Season 2.


Wonder White sponsored the LEGO® Masters Viewers Choice competition, where viewers could go to the Wonder branded landing page to vote for their favourite build, entering them in the draw to win a share of $100,000. Wonder branded playouts, viewer’s choice broadcast straps, Instagram stories and use of LEGO® Masters IP were all used to help drive viewers to the voting page.

Wonder White successfully leveraged its LEGO® Masters sponsorship to build brand awareness and consideration. A well integrated TVC and clear broadcast integration ensured that viewers were engaged with the sponsorship and understood the role of Wonder White. Over the course of LEGO® Masters viewers were significantly more likely to have purchased Wonder White, and in the process, gaining share from its competitors.



Integrated TVC

Client Promotion



+5% pts

+17% pts
'Wonder White helps support active kids'

Gemba brand health study 2020.

The power of Lego Masters on Nine is unrivalled